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Dry Cleaning


*Business Shirt $6.69 $2.59
ACUs $7.98
*Polo Shirt $5.99
*Blouses $6.69
**2 Piece Suits $12.49
*Pants/Slacks $6.69
*Skirts (Plain) $6.69
Dress (Plain) $12.49
Cocktail Dresses $15.99
Sweater $5.99
*Sport Coat/Blazer $6.69
Short Coat/Jacket $12.99
Long Coat $14.99

FREE VIP Program

Every three months (quarterly) your orders total $150 or more, you get a 5% discount on all your orders the next three months and get a VIP ONLY special oer for those months. As your orders continue to total $150 or more in a quarter, you receive a 5% discount from our already low prices.

The VIP Program is a smart option for customers who anticipate signicant dry cleaning over a year. We will keep you, your family and home looking sharp and well put together while saving you some real cash!

Take advantage of our *’Five or More’ discount!

Business shirts $2.29 each

Dry Clean Items (Same or Mixed) $5.99 each

Buy 1 Drop&Go bag for $5 and get a $5 credit.

Pick up and delivery Prices: * Counts as 1 Item ** Counts as 2 Items Full Price List & Comparison Available Online. Prices are subject to change without notice.